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im not saying good-bye i am saying hello tho a new year

since this is my last entry untill i go to israel i want to dedacate this special entry to the 3 girls that are speacial to me...

jb, libe, & KT

our year has been full of drama, laughs,inside jokes, bowling, movies, mr.moch, musical theater and so much more...i love you guys more then words can say, you guys are the best friends a girl could ever have i love you guys and never forget that...


here is to another year we have had together. this year went by so fast! you and me will always be friends no matter what...i cant describe how much you made this year as fun as last year...the only words that come to mind that descrbe it is meho meho meho! next year will be a blast unless it sucks so bad that we kill j/k ♥


i am so glad we became friends this year! whenever i look at you, you make me smile, and whenever you laugh you make me giggle. I JUST WANT TO BOTTLE IT! you have made me so happy this year and to think that if i would have stopped being a total idiot last year we would have been friends longer! i love love love you so much and we will always torment mr.moch till the end of time! ♥


my suger cup, i cant tell you how much yo mean to me, you are such a kickass girl and i will never ever ever forget you never. you have been there for me and i thank you enough.and if you ever need a break from the ugly jewish guys in new york call me and i will save you! i will always visit you everytime i am in new york. and our friendship hasnt ended.... it has just begun. ♥

even if we drift a part our square can never be a triangle with 3 people, or a line with 2 people, or a point with one person,we will always be a square and no matter what we will always be in the box.

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